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SIMCAN INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD., a privately owned company with 14 years experiences in manufacturing and supply of Extended Surface Tubes for the petrochemical, power generating and thermal industries.
Our factory is located in Jiangsu China, 120 km away from Shanghai Port, covers an area of 10,000 square meter and equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and standard workshops. We have total 31 production lines mainly producing High Frequency Welded Spiral Finned Tube, Bi-metallic Finned Tube, Studded Tube, L/LL/KL/G Finned Tube,H/HH Finned Tube and Bending coils.
Simcan offers accepted products and efficient solutions centered on meeting and exceeding quality codes and standards. We provide competitive market price, short lead time and special customizing relied on a high level of communications and trust.
About Quality
Our quality awareness stems from the roots of our being. Each product is produced as per customer specifications meeting or exceeding applicable codes and standards. Each product is inspected and related documents are maintained to ensure the compliance. Additional testing and Third Party Inspection Agency can be offered if required by customer for further assurance. We are always concentrated on improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management Systems.
About Service
Our service means getting the job done the way customer want it done. We always have the customer in our mind at all times. We realize that the customers’ needs are different and we have the ability to satisfy those needs. Whether processing on customer-supplied materials or supplying a job completely turnkey, you can always count on us.
About Efficiency
We can work 24/ 7 to meet your needs. Our proprietary online quote system enables us to rapidly prepare the quotes and reply to you. Our shops can operate 24 hours a day by shifts to satisfy your urgent delivery time. We can also maintain emergency contacts anytime you need, no matter pre-sales or after-sales.China Spiral Steel Fin Tube

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