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Our History
Guangzhou Esin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2012, which specialize in selling all kinds of car light bulb, off-road light, motorcycle light, car fog light, and vehicle work light. In the past four years, Esin's products have won a good reputation from customers by satisfying their needs, providing the best service and promoting new products with powerful technology. More than 90% of customers are repurchasing after trial orders with reasonable price, excellent quality, fast delivery time and the best service. The high-tech enterprise, with a strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities.
Our Factory
Esin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is located in Guangzhou of China. The company owns about 300 employees, 15% of them are researchers. We have the most outstanding R&D personnel, skilled workers, advanced production testing equipment and advanced production management system.
Our Product
Esin technology is one of the best manufactures and suppliers of car light bulb, off-road light, motorcycle light, car fog light, and vehicle work light. Multiple international strategic thinking will win a bright future for our partners all over the world. We have developed rapidly in the past few years with a strategy of diversification and internationalization. We devote at least 20% of our sales revenue to research, development and innovation every year, which enables Esin to maintain its leading position in the industry and guarantee the excellent performance of our products.
Product Application
It is widely used in buses, school buses, container trucks, commercial vehicles, trucks, engineering vehicles, fire trucks, ships, large combined harvesters, agricultural machinery, ultra-long trailers, trailer buses, minibuses, long-distance coaches, tower cranes and other means of transportation.
Our Service
We stock a wide range of car lights, so you can be sure to find the right size, right price and right features for exactly what you want. Perfect after-sales system to ensure customer satisfaction, we will patiently solve customer problems. We can provide OEM production mode according to the quantity of customers' demand. We provide customers with standard samples and brand packing design services. After the customer confirms the sample and packaging appearance, we will produce according to the quantity required by the customers and deliver to them.
We can also provide ODM production mode according to the individual requirement of customers. If there is no product that meets the customers’ needs in our existing style, we can customize the product for customers. Customers can inform us by mail or send the material to our company. We will design the samples according to the structure. After the customer confirms the appearance of the samples and packaging, we will produce in accordance with the quantity required by the customers and deliver the goods to them.China 3.5 Inch Car Fog Light suppliers

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