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The main exceptions are gimmicks depending on the console or smallish characteristics that are awesome but ultimately not match changing. NH ditched a lot of series staples which really hurts if you've been a long time fan. I think a good deal of those NH fans haven't played the previous games so that they don't have these features to miss. That great for them but it feels hollow to me.

Yeah, this is kind of the way I have been looking at it recently. Much like, yes it introduced some really great new ideas from the way of outdoor decorating (which really much resembles the natural next step for the show ) and the landscaping tools. The crafting system is a pretty nifty way to give players kind of mini-goals. Not ideal but it's a neat idea.

But the pile of missing features and content is actually frustrating. I understand nobody wants to compare this to Pokemon (since Sword/Shield have a lot of different problems past missing Pokemon and will cut features more often) but Animal Crossing is a string which has had nearly all of it is items/collectibles and features carried forward in some capacity. Even small things like getting a reward for saving X quantity of money from the bank are straight up dropped.

New Horizons is a really contradictory match for me. On the other hand it really does move the show forward in some smart ways (deocrating and landscaping, NookMiles is a better execution of the MEOW Coupons from Welcome Amiibo) but at precisely the same time when you return to the really small details it feels as though it's less fully featured compared to New Leaf. I like the game a lot, and moving back to enjoying my New Leaf city on the 3DS little screen is not just comfortable so I'm hardly going to drop New Horizons, but I can't shake the feeling it may be a whole lot better, and I expect the game group hears that sort of feedback and strives to respond to it.

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