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Our History
Pujiang New Sanhe Crystal Crafts Co., Ltd
We have more than 13 years experience for making all kinds of crystal crafts, Crystal trophy/ crystal medals/ crystal clock/ 3d laser crystal/ crystal gifts and so on.
New Sanhe Crystal Crafts Co., Ltd., the original is New Sanhe Crystal Crafts Factory. In March 2005, the state administration for industry and commerce approved the establishment. in September 2013, the name was changed into the New Sanhe Crystal Crafts Co., Ltd., Located in Floor 2, Bldg. 33, Central Crystal Cluster, Yantou town, Pujiang County,Jinhua City,Zhejiang Province,China.
Our company is a private enterprise, with import and export trade as the main business, the major products include crystal trophy, medals, clock, 3D laser crystal and other crystal crafts, and the main export countries are Europe, America, Japan, Korea, and other countries.
Our Factory
Our company is a private enterprise, with import and export trade as the main business. We have been designing and developing for 13 years, The company with about 2000 square meters, about 100 employees, and about 50 cooperative enterprises.
Our Product
Major in crystal trophy, medals, clock, gifts,3D laser crystal, crystal building model, and other crystal crafts.
Product Application
Product Application in all kinds of situation, such as awards, souvenir, business gift, holiday gift, art, home decoration, wedding gifts and so on.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Molding, Sandblasting, painted, Carved, Polished, beveling, Cutting, Grinding, Hand-Made,3D Laser Engraving and so on.
Production Market
The main export countries are Europe, America, Japan, Korea, and other countries.
Our products are of Japanese and Korean quality.
Our service
1. Factory direct, low price and high quality
2. OEM&ODM.(u give the design, we can custom it) ,Sample order is acceptable
3. We own a more than 100 professional staffs and designs, cutting ,carving,sandblasting,and polished machine and so on, all can meet all of your requirements.
4. 24 hours in quick response & after-sales service.Customized Crystal Desk Clock With LED Light And 3D Laser Image Crystal

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